For years I wanted to create an innovative on-camera acting and directing workout. Why?  After I decided to cross over from acting to directing I was amazed to discover that directors do not practice their craft between projects like other artists.
  All the directors I had studied or worked with, were not growing or even maintaining their skills.  Actors have always had scene study classes to keep in practice but that format has long been outdated and has never fully prepared actors for the challenges of transitioning from stage to screen.

created a new on-camera acting class for both actors and directors. I pitched it to an acting institution I once attended. They thought it was brilliant but wanted to increase the price and the enrollment size.  I said no. The reason? When I was an actor I hated having to pay through the nose for over crowded weekly acting workouts taught by many  instructors who had lost their passion or were unwilling to  become mentors to their students outside of the  classroom.  I really could not blame them.  It was just a job for them.  But actors need more than a teacher.  They need a tough coach and mentor who understands the unique challenges of acting for camera. I decided to establish my Cinema Gym idea on my own and to stay true to the key elements I wanted for my new workout. Affordable, Practical,  Effective, with all the work on-camera.

Many people will tell you there is no difference between acting on the stage and camera. I disagree and apparently so 
do Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. Watch their "Inside the Actor’s  Studio" interviews with James Lipton.  They state
that the stage is the essential training ground for the foundation of an actor.  But the requirements of the stage and the camera are two different things  entirely.  Actors need to know how to augment their process for the camera and both Pacino and DeNiro state this in their own words. 

That’s the back story of the Cinema Gym, how and why I created it in 2006.  Actors and directors needed an innovative, effective, and affordable workout for camera.  
The Gym format simulates the key elements of acting and directing for camera.  The price has been kept affordable and the size of the classes are well below any comparable on-camera workshop that shoots FULL coverage.  I feel strongly in the value of integrating the camera into an actor’s training. And being instructed by a filmmaker and seasoned acting/directing coach is also essential.  There are other workshops that use camera but they simply don’t compare to the Cinema Gym experience.

Alex D'Lerma
Filmmaker/Acting & Directing Coach


You don't have to be perfect. Just be prepared and present.

To support the artist with the most effective and affordable workout possible.