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Top Rated On-Camera Audition Coaching

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Jamaica, 2024

Alex D'Lerma

Virtual Acting Coach

You want to know something? You are a step ahead of the competition. How do I know? Because you're here, and you understand you need a professional coach to be competitive.

Hi, I’m your acting coach Alex D’Lerma.

I’m an award-winning filmmaker, veteran acting for camera coach, and former UCLA Extension film studies instructor.

For two decades my unique approach to coaching actors has consistently earned callbacks, pins, and bookings for professional actors like you.

Online Audition Coaching

I do "virtual coaching" with actors here in the U.S. and abroad. Why virtual coaching?

Your initial self-tape audition needs to mesmerize casting directors. The best way to get good on camera is to train on camera.

I also provide "in-person" sessions if you're an L.A. local. Is it the same training? 

Yes. I set up your phone or my camera and provide the same practical and effective coaching that has earned actors like you money since I started The Cinema Gym nearly twenty years ago.

Training for On-Camera Acting

You need to train in the same conditions you’re performing.

My training prepares you with the tools you need for on-camera acting. You won’t get this level of preparation in traditional scene-study classes. 

The Cinema Gym

I founded The Cinema Gym because it’s the class I wish I had when I was an actor.

That’s right. I was in your shoes.

It’s what inspired me to create the most affordable and effective on-camera acting class in Los Angeles - check out my testimonials.

Let me tell you something else…All of the pros have an acting coach and I have helped a generation of actors just like you book film and TV roles.

So, are you ready to start getting real results? Book your free consultation now!

Success Stories

On-Camera Acting Class Actor Sundra Oakley
"I have been coaching with Alex D’Lerma consistently since 2020. Without exaggeration, it has revolutionized my work to amazing results. Alex has helped me book six amazing jobs and I continue working with Alex remotely on-set to prepare for the following day’s shoot."

SUNDRA OAKLEY (Bob Marley: One Love, The Resident)

Book a Free Consultation!

Start Booking Auditions

Since starting The Cinema Gym, my top-rated acting classes and acting coaching in Los Angeles, I have helped actors book roles on Netflix, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Showtime, HBO, Cartoon Network, Disney, and more. 

The Promised Land - The Cinema Gym On-Camera Acting Class Booking
One Love - The Cinema Gym On-Camera Acting Class Booking
Maxxxine - The Cinema Gym On-Camera Acting Class Booking
Acting Coaching That Gets Results

My top priority is getting you results. My techniques are proven to book you auditions, increase your callbacks, and create important relationships with casting directors.


After booking me as your acting coach, you will gain the confidence for auditioning needed to succeed in this industry.


Working out is necessary for building muscles, and audition coaching is necessary for booking roles.

On-Camera Acting Coach and Audition Coach Alex D'Lerma


Start taking your auditions to the next level.

Self-Tape Audition Services

You need 3 things to create a dynamic self-tape audition:

1. A proven acting coach.

2. A seasoned actor/reader. 

3. A filmmaker who knows how to make the camera and Producers love you.


You only have 1 opportunity to WOW casting directors and get on their radar. I will help you do that. Schedule an audition coaching and self-tape audition session for one price


My Cinema Gym techniques are proven to increase callbacks, avails, and bookings!


 Record your Eco Cast Self-Tape Audition and get coached at the same time. Producers & Casting Directors love Auditions that are visceral and elevate the material.

Los Angeles Acting Coach and Audition Coach Alex D'Lerma
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