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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reader when you coach me for recording a self tape-audition?

No, you don't need a reader. I will be your reader in addition to coaching you whether we work remotely or in-person. This is very common and the best way to shoot a self-tape audition.

Are you available for same-day audition coaching?

Yes, I am often available for "last minute" or "same day" audition coaching.

Do you do self-tape auditions?

Yes, I can coach you while doing your self-tape audition. This is very common and the best way to shoot a self-tape audition.

Do you offer scene study classes?

Yes. I teach scene study but not in a classroom. I do an innovative virtual one-on-one format with you, the actor, on camera. We shoot all the scene work remotely, and I use it to accelerate your progress. 

Can we focus on a specific issue or challenge I'm having?

Yes, I can coach you for a specific acting obstacle so you can strengthen your acting process and technique.

How can I learn about the business side of acting?

I offer virtual “business consultation” sessions to outline a step-by-step approach to the business/promotional tasks essential to becoming a working actor. Subjects such as ‘Getting an Agent’ - ‘How to create great headshots’ - ‘When do you need a Manager?’ - ’Are Casting Director showcases necessary?’ - ‘Do I need a website?’ - ’Should I subscribe to IMDB?’ - ‘How do I get auditions without an agent?’ - ‘Is there a hack to getting into the union’ - ‘How can I create a demo if I have not booked work’ - ‘If I’m in the union is it okay to do non-union work’ - ‘How do I contact casting directors directly’ - ‘How can I network with Directors’ - ‘What is Networking and how do I do it’ - ‘Is it a good idea to sign a long term Management agency contract’ - ‘How do agent vs manager commissions work’ - ‘Is it ever okay to pad a resume.’ - ‘When will I know if I should move to L.A. or NYC to begin my career?’ - ‘How can I know if pursuing an acting career is the right choice?’ - and more.

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